Evergreat Machinery Co., Ltd.

Die Casting Machine

V3C Series

The series has been developed into a complete series of cold chamber die casting machines from 150 tons to 800 tons.


  • The integrated injecting unit provides excellent performance.
  • The structure provides machine with high rigidity
  • The self-lubricating system extends service life.
Die Casting Machine V3C Series Die Casting Machine V3C Series

Control System

  • User-friendly Man-Machine Interface (MMI)
  • Injection Mode: Soft Start with Single Speed, Multi-phase Speed, and Constant Acceleration.
  • Multi-phase injection adjustment avoids swelling gas in barrel.
  • P/F valves reduce power consumption by more than 15% and allows easier operation.
  • Full Test simulates die casting process, which helps operator to observe flow of aluminum liquid during forming.