Evergreat Machinery Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive Service

We provide comprehensive die casting equipments as well as services.

Innovating Constantly

We keep innovating and help our clients to keep on the industrial trends.

Solid Foundation

More than 50-year experience in manufacturing is our solid foundation.

Your best choice for cold chamber die casting machine

Our product is applicable for automobile industry, household items, communication equipment, etc. The integrated injection unit with rigid toggles extends service life, and intensified pressure is more stable. That requires less time for building pressure and improves efficiency for making high quality products.

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Series for EVERGREAT Die Casting Machine

die casting machine V4N series

V4N Series

The advanced series is easy-to-maintain and provides stable intensified pressure.

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die casting machine V3C series

V3C Series

The series has been developed into a complete series from 150-800 tons.

More About V3C Series

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