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Types of Die Casting Machine

Exploring the aluminum die casting process in an aluminum casting machine

2021 / 12 / 07

There is a high demand for aluminum die casting alloys out there. They are light in weight but come along with excellent dimensional stability. Therefore, you will be able to use aluminum die casting for production of complex part geometries, which come along with thin walls.

Why is aluminum die casting popular?

There are some unique properties associated with aluminum. For example, it comes along with excellent corrosion resistance. Moreover, you can get useful mechanical properties along with high electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to the same reason, you may call aluminum as an excellent alloy to proceed wit die casting. If you are impressed, you may think about purchasing an aluminum casting machine.

After the aluminum die casting process, you can allow casted metal to maintain their strength even at extremely high temperatures. This is where you may think about using cold chamber machines. Molten metal would still be there in an open holding pot, which you can place to a furnace. Then you will be melting it at the required temperature.

Die casting machine will be separate from the open holding pot. Moreover, molten metal will be laded for every pot of casting. That’s because subjecting them to high temperatures would create a negative impact on the pumping system.

How does the aluminum die casting process look like?

At the time of purchasing an aluminum casting machine, you need to be aware of how the overall die casting process would look like. The overall aluminum casting process would implement a steel mold. This steel mold has the ability to manufacture thousands of castings within a short period of time.

It is important to manufacture the die within at least two sections. Then it is possible to proceed with removing the castings without a struggle. The overall aluminum die casting cycle would start when the two halves of dies get clamped together via the casting process. Then you can use the aluminum casting machine to inject molten aluminum to the die cavity. It will solidify pretty quickly.

All these sections will have a secure mounting within the machine. Then they are arranged, so that one part remains stationary, and you can move the other one. Then the die halves will be drawn apart. This would eject the casting.

The aluminum die casting process can either be complex or simple. On the other hand, it can have cores, moveable slides, and numerous other sections based on the overall complexity of casting. Most machines come along with hydraulic cylinders, which will help you to achieve locking effectively. On the other hand, others would use hydraulic pressure that acts directly on the cast.

There are many different types of aluminum casting machines available. Some are small, whereas others are large. You will be able to pick the best aluminum casting machine that matches with your preferences.

The benefits of aluminum die casting?

There are multiple benefits of aluminum die casting. The unique characteristics of aluminum as an element are the main reasons behind popularity of this die casting method. For example, aluminum is durable and lightweight. It comes with an excellent strength to weight ratio. It offers excellent corrosion resistance as well. Moreover, you can expect to get superior electrical conductivity out of aluminum. Due to all these reasons, the demand for aluminum casting machines is increasing along with time. It is up to you to look for the best aluminum casting machine that is available for sale and invest your money in purchasing it.

Types of Die Casting Machine


Clamping force 250 tons
Dry injection speed over 6 m/sec
Tie-bar spacing 585*585mm

Types of Die Casting Machine


Clamping force 420 tons
Tie-bar spacing 650*650mm
Max. injecting weight 4.18kg