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Types of Die Casting Machine

Aluminum Casting Machine – The Basics of Aluminum Die Castings

2022 / 04 / 15

An aluminum casting machine is used for aluminum die casting, a manufacturing process wherein aluminum is heated and melted, and the molten material is poured into steel casting molds or dies.

Once an adequate period of cooling has passed, the material retains the shape of the mold’s inner cavity. It can also be removed for additional use or processing. The last components demonstrate various benefits over products and parts made through other methods of manufacturing. The result is that they come in handy in an extensive range of applications and industries.

Aluminum and Why It is Used for Die Castings

Aluminum is one of the metals often used in the processes of die casting machine. The following are some of the common reasons behind its popularity:

Resistance to corrosion

Aluminum is extremely resistant to corrosion that helps in improving the durability of the castings that are made from this material.


Aluminum can be easily customized and readily retains various complex forms and designs.

Grade or alloy selection

Aluminum is available in various grades and alloys, and all of them provide somewhat different characteristics. The broad selection offers manufacturers better freedom when selecting a material for their projects. Some examples of the aluminum alloys that are used in the die casting operations are A380, A360, A383, ZA-12, ZA-27, and ZA-8.

Strength-to-weight ratio

Despite being strong, aluminum is a lightweight material that allows manufacturers to form lighter castings with no need to compromise on strength.

Thermal or electrical conductivity

The aluminum material is also highly conductive that making it ideal to be used in applications with thermal and electrical transfer requirements.

Aluminum Die Casting Applications

Aluminum casting molds are useful in several industries that include but are not limited to the following:


Aircraft requires components engineered for more reliable performance or else, there will be risks of equipment failure during critical applications. The high durability, lightweight property, and relative affordability of the aluminum die castings are the reason why these are recommended for aircraft.


Aluminum die castings in the industry of agriculture are integrated into various different machines like combine harvesters and tractors. The components provide reliability and durability that make them ideally used in such demanding applications.

Consumer Products

Aluminum die castings can be found in various consumer products. These components help guarantee that the finished products are durable and lightweight.


Firearm manufacturers also use die castings to develop parts for military, law enforcement, and commercial pieces. Examples of the aluminum die cast parts of guns include Remington receivers, trigger guards, as well as other parts for shotguns and rifles.


Different systems and devices use the aluminum die cast parts as well. These components can be integrated into anything, from surgical devices to treatment and diagnostic equipment, and hospital beds.

Recreational vehicle

Several recreational vehicle and equipment parts are also made with the use of the process of aluminum die casting. Good examples of aluminum die cast parts of recreational vehicles include functional and structural components and cosmetic components.

With the help of aluminum casting machine, the die casting process is made easier, simpler, and faster.