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Types of Die Casting Machine

What are the different types of die casting machines?

2021 / 12 / 08

Die casting is the process where you use pressure to inject molten metal to a die or mold. Then you will be able to end up with getting casting products, which contain different geometries and shapes. There are numerous die casting machines used for the die casting process. It is important to locate the most appropriate die casting machine as per the application as well. Continue to read and we will share more details to you on that.

What exactly is a die casting machine?

You can simply use a die casting machine for metal casting. You will be creating die casting parts with specific shapes and sizes with molten metal that you are injecting to the mold cavity. Within the molten cavity, metal will be allowed to cool down and solidify. This is one of the most popular methods available to end up with getting metal castings such as zinc die castings and aluminum die castings.

Different types of die casting machines

There are multiple types of die casting machines present out there. The ideal die casting machine that you need to select would vary depending on the size and application. Let’s take a look at the two most prominent types of die casting machines that you can find out there as of now.

Hot chamber die casting machine

In a hot chamber die casting machine, you will be able to see a pressure chamber that connects to the mold cavity. Then molten metal would flow continuously into the pressurized compartment. The cylinder that you can find within the chamber would revert back into an unpressurized position and that’s where molten metal gets fed into the casting die.

A hot chamber die casting machine would use compressed air to create pressure and press metal according to the shape of the mold. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about using a piston mechanism. However, the overall injection mechanism is submerged within the molten metal. Hence, you will be able to overcome erode or corrosion within the system due to a chemical attack.

In most instances, people use hot chamber die casting machines for die casting tin, zinc, and other similar alloys that contain a lower melting point.

Cold chamber die casting machine

In a cold chamber die casting machine, molten metal that is present within a separatee furnace would ladle to the cold chamber sleeve. This happens when the mold gets closed. Then the metal will be forced to the die. You can open the mold upon solidification. Then you can proceed with injecting the casting part.

One of the biggest differences that you can see in a cold chamber die casting machine is that metal would melt outside the machine. Then it gets into the compression chamber. Then the manufacturers will take out molten metal from the furnace and pour that into the compression chamber. This is where metal injection happens to the mold. Along with that, the compression piston will apply pressure. Surplus metal present in the mold will get into another piston. You may think about using a cold chamber die casting machine to die cast metals that come with a high melting point. Copper alloy is a perfect example for such a metal.

Now you are aware about the two different types of die casting machines. You may keep these differences in mind and get the best die casting machine.

Types of Die Casting Machine


Clamping force 250 tons
Dry injection speed over 6 m/sec
Tie-bar spacing 585*585mm

Types of Die Casting Machine


Clamping force 420 tons
Tie-bar spacing 650*650mm
Max. injecting weight 4.18kg